Arrows of Christ

Organizational Summary

Arrows of Christ is a Protestant non-denominational Christian organization established to reach people around the world who desperately need the gospel. By faith, we’re committed to training, sending, and providing full, or partial support to Christian missionaries of all ages.

You might be seriously considering becoming a missionary, or maybe you’re just interested in how it all works. Perhaps you're seeking a Christian community, or maybe you’re not a Christian at all, and you wish to learn more about Jesus Christ. Whoever you are, feel free to contact us or check us out. Arrows of Christ is for anyone who wants a Christian fellowship that feels like a family and will teach you the essential concepts of the Bible and the Gospel.

The 10/40 Window

Please consider the startling fact that there are 67 countries within the Middle East and Asia (called the 10/40-Window) which are home to 5,575 unreached people groups! These untold billions are dying without the Word of God, without the gospel, and without Christ! At Arrows of Christ, we teach, train, equip, and send faithful Christians to these unreached nations. Jesus said, “Surely I come quickly!” Our vision is to reach ALL nations before Jesus Christ returns. Join Arrows of Christ and reach the unreached!

Do you have what it takes to go to the mission field?