Arrows of Christ

Here, we want to provide some resources that are potentially life-changing.

We will update this list regularly so please take a look.

Free Gospel tracts:  By the grace of God, we have poured our heart into creating and sharing free Gospel tracts that emphasize the necessity of following Jesus. Available in 3 languages. Can be printed or sent as a Word Document.

"Hell’s Best Kept Secret",” Ray Comfort:   Tragically, many people who “confess Jesus” turn out to never have been saved. This article reveals why and shows you how to truly lead people to Christ.

“It Shall Be Forever,” Pastor Mark Jones:   This is an amazing sermon by our organization leader, Pastor Mark, that shows why we must live so we won’t regret anything in eternity. This sermon is worth 20 minutes of your life.

“The Prayer of Faith,” Charles Finney:   This essential article explains that we can pray in faith for anything in God’s will and know that He is working.


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