Arrows of Christ

Missionary "Righteous" S.

Because of the dangerous nature of the nation in which this young lady is serving, security measures are in use by this website. Accordingly, we cannot divulge her exact location within the 10/40 Window, nor can we reveal her actual name, but have instead substituted her chosen missionary name which is "Righteous". Many multiplied blessings to you as you pray for our brave sister. Here is her story!

My Heart For The Lost

Dear fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

With a trembling and humble heart, I am honored to share with you that I have committed to spend one year as a student missionary through a frontier missions organization that focuses on the 10/40 window. As a Christian, longing for the return of Jesus Christ, God has given me the heart to follow Matthew 24:14: “ And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

I was born into a Christian family, but all my life God was my parent’s God and never MY God. I naturally grew away from church when I went to college and started pursuing after the things of the world. However, God led me to take a missions training program and sent me out on a short-term mission trip to the middle east. I got to truly witness how fast God is moving in the nations. When I shared the good news, I saw their whole world shaking from hearing the word of God. God was so alive and working mightily among His lost sheep in the nations who have never heard about Him. Through this experience, I realized God’s aching heart towards the nations and how He is crying out for the lost people to return to Him.

By the grace of God, He gave me the heart and led me to go to an acupuncture school. For the past two years I have been diligently serving God and studying to live my life for Him. However, I started to lose my first love and my pure intentions. I was starting to think of ways to make money with acupuncture and started to think of it as my insurance in case being a missionary does not follow through. When I realized my impure heart, I just had to drop everything. I had to stand righteous before God. Even though I only have one year left to graduate, I decided to lay down my school and career so that I can be made righteous before Him and become a pure follower of Jesus Christ.

This upcoming year, God has called me to go and spend my one year in a nation where there are a large number of refugees. My ministry will be focused on serving these people who have lost their everything. They are living in complete darkness where there seems to be no hope, no tomorrow. They are so poor in spirit and this is when they really need the gospel more than anything else. They are so thirsty for love, hope, and the truth. However, God has not forsaken them, and His time has come upon this nation as so many people are returning to Jesus Christ than ever before. We must partake in this and go to reap the harvest.

In the 10/40 window, where there is less than 1% Christian population, there are people dying every single day without hearing about the gospel. They are suffering and living in darkness without a chance of salvation. Sadly, there is not enough workers and not enough resources go to where there is absolute need of the gospel. Many missionaries and funds are concentrated in nations that are already reached.

As I am serving the refugees in the middle east where there is less than 1% of Christians, I really need God’s army that will partner with me in this ministry. I cannot do this alone and God never called just one person to do His ministry. So please partner with me in serving God with your prayers as God puts me in your heart!

Together as King’s army and for His Kingdom,

Ms. Righteous S.

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