Arrows of Christ

Missionary "Cassia" S.

Because of the dangerous nature of the nation in which this young lady is serving, security measures are in use by this website. Accordingly, we cannot divulge her exact location within the 10/40 Window, nor can we reveal her actual name, but have instead substituted her chosen missionary name which is "Cassia". Many multiplied blessings to you as you pray for our brave sister. Here is her story!

My Sweet Lord Calls

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By the grace of God and through His excellent majesty, I am so excited to announce that I am called to preach the Gospel for at least one year within the 10/40 window! (Due to security reasons, I cannot share exactly where I am going. However, I am going to a place where there are no churches, and where less than 2% of the population is of the Christian Faith). Nothwithstanding, my intention and my desire, is to go to an “unreached” nation that desperately needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and desperately needs more laborers!

Why am I going? First, because, I have realized that my life is just a vapor that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away [Jam 4:14]. Because of this heart, I want to pour out my life now and live only for that which is eternal; And, I now desire to be mightily used of God in order to change the eternity of thousands and ten-thousands of these lost sheep within the nations [Psa 144:13]. Second, without someone to preach to them, how can these people call on Him and believe [Rom 10:14]? How can these people know the way, the truth, and the life through Jesus Christ without someone like me to tell them [Joh 14:6]? Or, how can they escape eternal damnation without my being there to preach true biblical faith and repentance [Mat 23:33]?

Therefore, in joyful obedience, I am willing (in this day of His power) to break my alabaster box, and offer my youth, my goods, my money, my career, my self-will, my service, and my sacrifice, as sweet-smelling savour unto our super-excellent Lord and Savior Jesus Christ [Psa 110:3, Mat 26:7]. But wait; How could I possibly do anything else but obey my sweet Lord, and say unto Him: "Here am I..., send me” [Isa 6:9]! Now then, I must fulfill this great commission which declares:

“Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” [Mark 16:15 KJV].

However, I cannot do this alone! This degree of Kingdom work requires a strong body of believing Christian friends who will agree to pray for me [Mat 18:19]; And not just pray, but labor in prayer with strong crying and tears, even as Aaron and Hur together held up Moses’ arms of victory in the battle of Amalek [Exo 17:12]. May we all pray with one heart for these nations: Pray that my service to our sweet Lord would be worthy of His great name: Pray for these many lost sheep for whom Christ died! With your prayers we shall see all the lies of Satan and other strongholds, break: We shall see churches being planted, and disciples of Christ being established firmly: We shall see His great light shine through the stormy clouds of rumbling darkness! And then, all this great work will be done, not for our glory, but for His great and majestic glory alone!

Finally my dear friends, for the next 12-months, I will be leaving ALL the "promises," "comforts," and "guarantees" of the USA: And, therefore I must necessarily endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ [2 Tim 2:3]: During this time, I will only look to our sweet Lord who will take care of all of my needs, through your prayers, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ [Phil 1:19]. So, until I see you again, may God bless your mutual faith and love for our lovely, sovereign King! Amen!

(Please pin this page onto your browser, so you won't forget me — and, Bettina Jones will update you on my ministry very often).

God bless — Cassia

Ms. Cassia S.

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